Nasiakos Moschofilero

In the heart of the two largest and most important appellations (PDO) of Greece are the vineyards of the Nasiakos family. One is Mantinia in Arcadia and the other, the highest point on Nemea “Kotsi” in Corinth, Peleponese. Mr. Leonidas Nasiakos is the viticulturalist, wine maker and producer of his wines. Under the Nasiakos label 6,500 cases of wine are produced from indigenous varietals such as Moschofilero and Agiorgitiko. Nasiakos’ vineyard in Mantinia is 2000 feet above sea level while in Nemea over 2,700 feet. These very high elevations prolong the harvest time which ensures that sugar levels are at desirable levels.
Nasiakos Moschofilero is a wine that captures aromas of a field of fragrant flowers and a peach orchard, the pronounced flavors of dry mountain spices and the acidic tones of lemon zest.