Steve Orlinick and Matt Mitton met while working the Boulder territory for a well known Colorado Wholesaler. While coming from very different backgrounds (Steve from Brooklyn, NY and Matt a Colorado native), they quickly bonded over a love of great food and wine. They both feel that quality elements of a meal include not just fresh and lovingly supplied produce but also conversation, storytelling, good company and a lust for life that feeds and is fed by those experiences. Steve and Matt also find common ground in a notion of service, in treating customers as friends and family, or guests in your home. They founded S&M Selections to bring this culture of service and joy for great wine and spirits to a business that they can share with their Colorado neighbors and friends. Cheers!

Steve Orlinick

Steve Orlinick has been inserting himself into the lives of bartenders and restaurant managers for over 21 years. He can finally share his love of good wine with someone who was born when he was just starting his career. (He’s old). Steve loves good wine and food but even more he loves people who love good wine and food. If you don’t mind his jokes he’s great company!


Matt Mitton

Matt Mitton has been obsessing about food and wine for over twenty years and telling anyone who happens along his thoughts on the subject. He has worked nearly every job in restaurants, front and back, as well as selling wine, beer and spirits in retail and wholesale capacities. If you get him going he has a story ready about nearly everything under the sun, and most of the time there’s even a point to them!